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Cutting Edge Technology

Powered by patented blockchain technology, Bitcoin System understands how to read and decipher market movements. By using a combination of predictive analysis and effective trade execution, Bitcoin System is able to produce exceptional results consistently. Additionally, the Bitcoin System programmers were also able to develop an easy-to-use software which is particularly suitable for new or inexperienced traders just starting out.

Accurate Trading Software

Highly Accurate software consistently performs every day of the week! Bitcoin System offers an impressive 89% success ratio after being rigorously back-tested by a third party expert using unique validation protocols. That means your risks are minimal but potential gains are astonishing. In many ways Bitcoin System is very much like having your own ATM and cashing out when you wish.

User Friendly App

Bitcoin System uses an intuitive user-interface which allows any member to easily navigate the software and activate the app. The software automatically allocates a hand-picked broker for you which is compatible with your geographic location. In some cases you will be required to validate your account details via phone before being able to use the software, so if called it is vital you answer.

Spotlight On This Week’s Top Earners

Christina Hammond

An au pair from Prague who found this software in a feature in Forbes. She immediately created a free account and now has $23,716 in her account.

Fabrice Pierro

An ex-student from the University of Paris who turned his $250 investment into a small fortune of $131,332.

Anthony Lewis

A Selfridge sales associate made $19,682 after using the software for only 3 days. He used his profits to take his family on a wild adventure to Tasmania!

Natalie Ricci

A maintenance engineer from Sorrento who earned $6,052 after just 24 hours of using the software. Her initial investment was just $250.

Chris Matheson

An ex-uber driver who made $12,001 in 2 days after an initial investment of just $250.

Caroline Yourf

A former au-pair from London, who turned her weekly salary of $250 into an unbelievable fortune of $345,768.

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Important Risk Warning: CFD trading can bring many benefits but also includes the risk of losing some or all of the money investors should consider. We strongly recommend that you read our terms and conditions and our disclaimer before investing. Customers should also consider their country's capital gains tax. It is against the law to persuade US persons to buy and sell commodity options, even if presented as "prediction contracts", unless they are listed on a CFTC-listed exchange for trading or are otherwise exempt from the law.